from the artist

Photography is a revelation born of tension, a tension made manifest by the interplay of light, shadow, and fractured time. For me, this revelation seeps through the interstices of appearances, and secures its origin from an order other than our mundane reality. By definition, a photograph is always of the past, it holds within itself a record, a visual memory, a quality that makes my photography an act of resistance against forgetting and repression.

My approach to photography is radical in the sense that I am fascinated with the nature of seeing itself. For while the outer eye refracts and assembles the light, the inner eye continuously interprets and reassembles every aspect of this fragmented light through a highly evolved relationship. In this sense, seeing is no more than life observing and relating to itself. In the process, photography, much like painting, acquires not only the urge to discriminate, interpret and record, but in the end, to induce the viewer to gaze back at the photographer. Here lies the very mystery embedded in photography that makes us want to look at it. It is this confined, veiled and subliminal quality that informs the very character of the photographic image, impregnating it with shifting layers of interpretation and emotive energy. The resulting image, while it lives on independent of the photographer, holds within itself the interiority of the artist much like a sand painting or a songline.

My photographs capture and record the ephemeral universe as I experience it from one moment to the next. It is through this interplay of fluidity and suspension, this unmitigated perception and aesthetic tension, that I confront the viewer in that sublimated light, through the chinks of temporality, as the gaze momentarily dissolves into the infinitude that haunts the photographic image.